Hi there, my name is Elsa and I'm an artist and character designer from Portugal! I mainly work with digital media and fantasy themes and enjoy world building and storytelling through my art.I use a Wacom Intuos S tablet, PaintTool Sai and Clip Studio Paint.


Please remember to read my terms of service before ordering a commission!

> Additional fees may apply for high complexity characters;
> All commissions are full color but I can also send a flat version!
> Background is either transparent/flat or a simple sky
> Any extra character is + 100% of the base price




Terms of service

I will draw
Humans, humanoids, monsters and animals;
Light blood/gore;
Fantasy/original species;
Certain canon characters & "fanart";

I will not draw
Mecha/overly complicated machinery;
Hateful or offensive content;
18+ NSFW content of any kind;
Extreme gore;

> All commissions are payed upfront, through Paypal
> Commissions can take between 2 days to a month to complete; if there's any unexpected delays I'll let you know!
> You must provide clear reference images of your character.
> I will send over the sketch for approval; further update images can be sent upon request.
> Full refunds are accepted if the commission has not gone past the sketch phase or if I am genuinely not able to complete your order.
> Small edits can be done for free after a piece has been finished. Large edits or full redraws do not apply.
> You may post/upload your commission as long as proper credit is given. You may not claim the art as your own.
> Commissions are for personal use only and may not be used for comercial purposes or redistribution, including NFTs.
> I reserve all rights to my work and may upload it on my art sites. However, if you're not comfortable with this just let me know;


If you'd like to order a commission or have any questions, you can send me a direct message on the platforms listed below or send me an email.

[email protected]